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Elfin Saddle.Horn of PlentyBearded Tooth Young stage.Golden Scalycap.Golden Scalycap.Ascocoryne cylichnium.Beefsteak Fungus.Beefsteak Fungus.Beefsteak Fungus.Ascocoryne cylichnium.Black ToothCoral ToothCoral ToothFenugreek Stiltball.Coral ToothPostia guttulata.Velvet Tooth.Postia guttulata.Pycnostanus azalea.

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Pauline and Ian your fungi pictures are quite stunning, they appear as if the viewer was actually there and looking at the live specimen.
Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks Lee - they do look good when all grouped together!
Lee Havens Photography
This is the most impressive fungi pictures I have ever viewed. The belong in a publication.
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