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Pauline says:..... 'damsel and dragonflies are for me the most beautiful, charismatic, awe-inspiring creatures . . . I think the desire to see, watch and photograph them is intensified by the fact that they are only available - and at their best - for a few short months in summer. Their beauty, design, colour and ability far exceeds butterflies - and even my beloved moths.....!'
Azure Damselfly.Azure Damselfly.Southern HawkerKeeled SkimmerAzure HawkerAzure HawkerGolden-ringedAzure HawkerWhite-faced DarterWhite-faced DarterWhite-faced DarterBroad-bodied ChaserWhite-legged DamselflyBroad-bodied ChaserSouthern HawkerNorthern Emerald DamselflyNorthern Emerald DamselflyNorthern Emerald DamselflyNorthern Emerald Damselfly