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A little world of wonder all of its own - micro moths - tiny bits of live flying 'stuff' some smaller than an ant ........ and as usual if you can get a close look they very often show the most wonderful shapes, patterns and unbelievable colours.

Pauline says: ....'Often (with my ageing eyesight!) I struggle to see these critters with the naked eye and the only way for me to appreciate them fully is by a photograph! I can then download and enlarge to appreciate form and colour - and very often - amazing eyes - huge eyes - often brightly coloured - and I always end up wondering just what is going on in their tiny brains when a 'giant' leans in with a camera.......'

Definitely a case of 'less is more' ...........

I have and will put images up without names as their beauty far outweighs knowing who exactly they are - but if anyone has time to spare and knows the answer to any 'unknowns' then please email me. At the moment its a case of life isn't long enough for me to spend time trolling thro UK Moths - its another of those looked forward to 'when I retire' jobs!
Pyrausta purpuralisDiaurnia fagellaDiurnia fagellaAdela reaumurellaAdela reaumurellaProlita sexpunctellaPyrausta purpurellaPyrausta aurataPseudargyrotoza conwaganaOlethreutis arcuellaProchoreutis sehestedianaCatoptria pinellaPine Shoot Moth, Rhyaconia buolianaDiurnia fagellaAgriphila tristellaAcleris forsskaleanaAgapeta zoeganaOncocera semirubellaSmall Magpie