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In the summer of 1976 I went up the West Coast of Scotland, across the 'top' from Cape Wrath to John-o-Groats and back down via the east coast ... I've been trying to get back and do at least part of this journey again since then: work was the biggest stumbling block and having enough time off ... I was almost willing to attempt it as a whistle stop two week dash - but now I'm glad I didn't.

This summer we earmarked 6 and half weeks and set out to do it justice, covering all the side roads going west. We left Cape Wrath out - being jiggled in a mini-bus didn;t appeal and it was chucking it down! We got along to Tongue and Bettyhill still being dogged by poor weather. We fitted a day on Handa - absolute magic and a glorious day for weather! The fourth week we spent in our favourite Uists spending a day on Skye on the way and finished off with two weeks on Mull ... I'm cured of 'the itch' to do it again for the time being ... but as I have edited and sorted out the website tonight I can feel the stirrings beginning again ....

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I can see you've got your holiday head on Mr crockett ! Haven't had time 2 fill this gallery yet can barely find the time to keep up with editing for here and wab ... see you soon an don't forget t sunshine!
Davy Crockett(non-registered)
You were telling the truth then about not seeing birds in Scotland
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