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Pauline says's .... 'Since 1990 I (and then we!) have been rushing past Islay to go to The Outer Hebrides - The Western Isles ... whilst I don;t regret those visits for a single minute, I now realise that by-passing Islay has been a mistake ... we've been missing a trick'!
'I maintained before going that geese (and gulls) just don't do it for me in a birding sense (I'm a wader and a warbler birder by preference!) and I was quite sure that Islays' geese were not going to knock my socks off ... wrong!'

'The sounds and sights, especially when they take flight or skeins fly in at dusk or out at dawn makes the hair go up on the back of the neck and combined with a beautiful sunrise or sunset can literally bring tears to the eyes ... its a primordial experience which echoes back in time ... '

Islay is aesthetically beautiful - a lovely balanced view of shapes and colours appears around every corner, even the bare bits are counter balanced by a distant headland or beach or a sudden little valley.

We cannot wait to return in summer and see the breeding birds and flowers but unfortunately it will have to wait till 2014 as 2013 is already booked up!
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Just recalling a fab time in Islay, super shots P & I
Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks guys for the appreciation and yes David and Anne - it was a very special holiday - so much birding - so much activity - so much fun and joshing - priceless ....
Davy Crockett(non-registered)
Your account of the experience is vividly accurate and stimulating,.... i my self, and on.... reflection, consensus between Anne and I, agree... that the visit to this great part of Great Britain was not only an enjoyable holiday, but also a widening of our horizons. This magical Island is calling me back!!!!!!!
Cracking first few - bodes well for the rest.
Fabulous photography just what I expected, looking forward to the rest of them already.
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