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Another huge subject area even without the micro moths added.........

Pauline says: ....'I make no apologies for featuring the mostly photogenic (and easily recognised!) species as my intention was primarily decent photos rather than an all species ID section! And actually very few are dull and boring - in fact just the opposite when you get a close look.......'

Most of the moths on here have been aquired from running a moth trap - something we began doing back in 2004 - though its use is intermittant as we would not annoy our neighbours at home by running one every night!

We bought a generator and intended getting out and about and trapping in different places but this idea hasn't quite panned out due to other things keep getting in the way. Yet looking through these pics does bring back some cracking memories: night-long sessions on various holidays being some of the best for company and moths: Lulworth Dorset, Wareham Forest Dorset, Durlston Country Park Dorset, Kennack and Silver Sands Cornwall, and regular all-nighters at our caravan near Milnthorpe Cumbria and here at home..........Some of the pics are obviously taken outside in the day time and feature day-flying species.

Pauline says: 'Maybe the best tale told is that of Belted Beauty who's caterpiller I first found back in 1990 in the Outer Hebrides. It took years to get an ID but once I had I was always promising to go and look for the moth, which for shape and colour I think is a very bonny thing.' Then an opportunity came and myself, Dave, Gill and Katie (of fungalpunk fame!) set off for coastline south of Lancaster. I drew up on the shore parking, Dave took one look round (an otherwise empty saltmarsh) pointed 25 degrees left and said 'I think they are over there...' He got out of the car walked 70 paces and tripped over one .......... We were still sat in the car and I said to Gill 'I don't believe it - he's got one!'............ That man must have radar because I've watched him do it with other species too!
Dotted Carpet.Pretty Chalk CarpeteCommon Plume MothBlomer's RivuletPale ProminentPale ProminentPurple ClayPurple ClayPurple ClayPeacock MothPebble Hook TipPebble Hook TipLarge EmeraldKnot GrassClouded BuffWhite Ermine Scotica formSAllow KittenGlaucous ShearsPoplar HawkPeppered Moth