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Pauline say's ...... 'The kingfisher has been one of my biggest 'bogey birds' for almost 40 years! In the past I could have found a nest - or been told about a nest and got a licence to photograph near a nest, but something about this has always put me off. For years I have gone to a variety of spots where there are kingfishers and watched as many as three or four together - usually chasing each other - but since having the big lens none have come within photographic range ..... until the last few days of Dec '09 ........ At long last I have my wish!'

And here we are 10 months later in Oct 10 I get my wish again - and more! I'd be the first to admit kingfishers are not difficult to photograph provided you have one - a kingfisher that is! They are poseurs and get on with their lives right under your nose - the trick is to find that place then just set up and wait .... Myself and a friend spent 6 hours in the hide just for these recent shots!