Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images | How to - part five - rescue damaged stuff!
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There are times when you go somewhere specially, its a holiday or a one-off visit and you return with pics of something you wanted but its a damaged individual ..... Most times these shots go in the bin if you are a rational person but just occasionally you might want to try a 'repair' .... sometimes it works and sometimes its still 'in the bin better luck next time'!

I had 40 mins one evening towards the end of the Dorset 2012 holiday when suddenly after a dearth in cold weather it turned hot and the butterflies came out at last. Why did I take it in the first place? I've no idea ... I was on a steep hillside, it was 26 degrees in heat and 45 degrees in elevation - the sweat was running in my eyes - the midges were biting - I was 'beside myself' but I wanted an up to date Adonis Blue ....

Ok so here is what I did: I 'captured' a piece of the left-hand rear wing using the selection lasso and in Edit I clicked Copy, Paste as a Transparent Selection, right click it to hold it in place somewhere on the pic. In Image click Mirror. Still in Image I rotated the selection a bit at a time till it fitted over the damaged area of the right hand rear wing precisely. I cloned a little bit of extra out of the middle of the wings where I hadn't quite got the right 'fit'. I then went in close and made sure that no hard edges were showing and cloned a few small areas to 'smooth' in the piece.

To finish I did my usual amount of 'tidying' in the background removing by selecting areas and cloning out anything intrusive - anything that draws the eye away from the focus of the image gets removed. I will clone out bright spots, bits of damage, unwanted reflections, straggly stuff - all kinds of distractions that can be removed I will remove - for me the end result is as always got to be 'Wow' factor and all concentration on the subject - not wondering 'whats that bit of ????? in the background - thats distraction!

I finished with a slight sharpening before a trip into the programme Noise Community - the best thing since sliced bread! I also played about with the usual Fade Correct, Colour etc though I am finding that with the 1Dmk4 I need to do this less than I did with the 7D .....

I could have been working in Layers but I did all this cold turkey on a second copied image. I'm still not 'O-fey' at working in layers and I forget to make another copy sometimes, so working on a separate new saved copy works better for me.

I probably spent an hour or so on this ... was it worth it? You decide!!
Adonis BlueAdonis Blue