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Pauline say's ........ 'A visit to the Photographic Open Day at Turbury Woods, Whitestake south of Preston proved interesting and comical ..... the interest was provided by 90 or so birds of prey ..... the humour by the same birds of prey when one or two didn't behave quite as expected!

To be fair we were a large crowd of near 100 folks - most of whom had cameras of one kind or another! The barn and tawny owls put on a grand show and obviously liked us lot - the closer the better - proper gold star performers! Albert the Steppe Eagle was engagingly naughty - leading a variety of staff and handlers a merry dance and doing so very easily .......... Dora the Peregrine was a downright naughty girl ....... she flew once round the field at a stunning speed, landed on the tallest of the perches, then (I think) in a fit of pique cos her favourite kite (large man-made flying variety in brilliant pink - not the bird Red Kite!) could not be got into the air as the day was blue and calm - so her second flight was down the field, left swerve into the trees and disappear ....... she was tracked and located a little later sat atop a lamp standard a quarter of a mile away ........ you little tinker Dora!' ......

Ian say's .......... 'All in all despite the coldness of the day it was all interesting and entertaining and great to watch the children who had a go with the glove and got some of the better behaved inmates to land on their hands!' .........

We have no doubt we will visit again later in the year when even more of the birds will be out and posing for photographers ....... a close-up of the face disc on the Eurasian Great Grey Owl is a photographic must .............

Pauline say's ........ 'Of course as far as photography goes some would call it 'cheating' ........ but you should try it first before passing any kind of judgement - cos its not as easy as it sounds - and I've come to the conclusion that wild birds are 'easier' cos they are generally a bit further away - or maybe I should just take a smaller lens ...............'!

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PS. I have been in contact with Turbary and Dora has come home after a month of freedom ...... she is safe and sound and probably not a bit sorry about her little 'holiday' !!
Peregrine Falcon 'Dora'KestrelSteppe Eagle 'Albert'Tawny OwlLittle OwlLittle OwlLittle OwlLittle OwlLittle OwlPale Faced Scops OwlPale Faced Scops OwlPale Faced Scops OwlPeregrine Falcon 'Dora'...Tawny OwlTawny Owl