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Pauline say's ..... 'As much as I like the tit family - the 'normal' everyday birds we see at various feeders and bird tables, I have to admit to feeling very chuffed to have finally caught up with Bearded Tit/Reedlings .... its only taken me 38 years - so these pics are very high on my own desirable list!' ..........

Nuthatches and Long tailed Tits are more commonly seen around the north west but are still gorgeous birds to watch: their colour and acrobatics can soon fill an afternoon and take (my mind!) off other jobs - especially work-type jobs!

Crested Tits are a particular favourite too but they can be very elusive: during the past few years we have been taking an early spring break in the Cairngorms. Last year we actually spent a fortnight and didn't see a single crestie - the year before we had them on the peanut feeder 18 inches off the window of the camper - I was sat in bed in the mornings with a brew in my hand and a crestie the other side the glass within touching distance - birding doesn't get much better than this!
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What a stunning set of photos, all the small birds we glimpse as they dash through the trees and bushes, we know they are there, and just say "oh Blue Tits" or "Long tailed-Tits" this gallery just shows how lovely they are, I did enjoy seeing the Long-tailed tits and the Goldcrest "close up" and one day I will get to see the Reedlings, one of these days, until then I shall keep looking on here.
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