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....... a huge subject - a bit like saying 'insects' - except that fungi can't run away when you find one........ putting a name to it is another matter and can be notoriously difficult!

Having rifled through your ID books, internet etc and eventually named your find, there is a good chance that science will have moved on - and the name will have been changed!

Pauline say's: (actually what Pauline says about this is not printable here - the non-offensive answer is) .....'Life isn't long enough for this kind of hair-splitting - well my life isn't anyway!'

So anyone looking for up to the minute taxonomy information had better duck out now - those wishing to see pretty fungi pix - jump in and take your pick!!
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Dennis Russ(non-registered)
Absolutely Great images Pauline. Well Done.
David Newby(non-registered)
Superb. I had no idea we had so colourful fungi in the UK
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