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Birding was a number one passion and began well before either of us was old enough to even hold a camera!

The possibilities for bird photography now that we have prime lenses has opened a whole new obsession as even with so-called 'big' lenses you still have to get reasonably close to the subject for a decent image! Folks tend to assume big lense are like the Hubble Telescope and sadly they are not!!

Again patience and endurance (sat still and silent in mobile and pop-up hides in heat and cold) stealth (creeping through spikey heather or up to the knees in mud and cold water) bent double leaning out of car windows, camera resting on a bean bag and just occasionally in comfortable purpose built hides with a brew in one hand and a sandwich in the other!

Ian says: 'The really good point with many birds is they will respond to bribery in the form of food left out in suitable places for them to find - you would be surprised just how many bird species can be attracted if you have the right bait in the right place!'........
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Was a pleasure Gill (we can talk photography till we're blue in the face!) if you want any more help or info email us direct!!
Gill Houghton(non-registered)
Thank you Pauline and Ian for all you advice today at Martin Mere. I hope I did not take up too much of your time. This site is simply wonderful and I am in awe of your photographs. Simply breathtaking. Your site is now bookmarked. Cheers!
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