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We don't mind what critter it is - flying, crawling, walking, running, slithering, creeping or just plain growing - if we can get near enough for a photograph then the shutter will fire and hopefully the results will be good enough to display through these pages...........

Pauline says: .....'and here we are almost 6 years down the line (Aug 08 start) with viewing figures rising slowly and smashing comments in the visitors book spurring us on. Compiling this website has been an interesting excercise especially going about it from newest to oldest. One or two date back to 1999 and my first digital - a Fuji Finepix! Some are slides scanned in so even older still' ..........

The Nikon Coolpix which came next is still proving useful for moths and fungi. The Canon 20D followed and soon a macro, wide angle and 100-400 'pump' were added. Within 12 months 400 and 500 primes have been added. And finally a brand new 40D for me and the 600 for himself have been added to our collection for the 2009 Western Isles visit .... results and pics to follow over the coming weeks with bookings and plans already in place for 2010. A 7D apiece came next ... followed by a 1dMk4 for me in summer 2012 and in 2013 I added the 5.6 400 prime ... as I get older carrying weight gets increasingly harder!

Pauline says: .....'Realising that we were getting very serious about photography - and missing out on the important category of birds - found us taking the final step into the world of 'big' lenses - something I always dreamed of - and I've never been happier!'.......

Hope you enjoy our efforts ...............
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Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thank you Dennis .... sharp and clear images are the result of decent lenses and a tripod or bean bag which involves carrying a lot of weight - there's no way around that I'm afraid ...... getting close enough to the subject which is neccessary even with a big lens is either hard work or luck or fast reactions or sometimes just plain perseverance! Keep trying!
Dennis Russ(non-registered)
Just stumbled upon your site. What a sight for sore Eyes. Magnificent. Your images are so sharp and clear, and of course Wonderfull. I'm wondering where I'm going wrong.
I have bookmarked your site so I can pop in now and again. Keep up the Great Work.
Take Care.
Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks Duncan ........ I've not regreted buying big lenses - I only wish it had been possible earlier in life - but better late than never!
Great Shots, makes me even more determined to purchase a BIG lens

Keep up the good work

S.W Scotland
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