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Ian says: ........'Reptiles are something we both would like to get to grips with, though Pauline handled a grass snake a few years ago - and she hasn't touched one since!'.........

Pauline says: ........'I can't just remember which reserve we were visiting, but my mam and dad were on holiday with us and as usual I was driving their big new motorhome.'

We left the aged parents to eat and sleep and took off round the reserve. On the way back some time later I spotted a grass snake sliding off the grass path and made a grab for it, catching it fair and square behind its head. Cameras were scrambled but a terrible smell was getting stronger by the minute and I realised it was coming from the snake and was all over my hands ......... Naturally (as the snake intended) I put it down smartly!

Ian says: ..... 'We headed back to the motorhome, with Pauline trying not to contaminate her camera gear! John, Pauline's dad came out, took one sniff and said you're not coming in here like that! He tried window-wash on Pauline and it didn't work so he made her wash with copious amounts of washing up liquid in an old bowl kept for cleaning the van!! She hasn't touched a snake since!'...........
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