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Pauline says .......... I keep getting asked at intervals for things like exif data (eh?) and the simple answer to that is - if you're going to get technical - I'm going to get lost!!

I know there are technical ways to use a camera that will bring results and that some knowledge of 'how to' is required to get those results - and maybe I do it that way but subconciously - tho the simple fact is I was never much good at 'book learning' I'm a practical person and hands on - esp after being shown how to do something - this works better for me. So forgive me if the following turns out to be pure rubbish and if it is I shall delete the lot and leave you all to it!!

For some reason by the time I have prepped pics for display the original info has gone and that has lead me to begin this little corner of info help - or at least discuss what I do and why - after I've taken shots - it works for me - but I will be interested in what folks make of it and whether I am missing a few tricks that would make the end result even better ............
How to - Part One - A set Up .....How to - Part Two - shooting on the flyHow to - Part Three - shoot in English weather!How to - Part Four - rescue the impossible!How to - part five - rescue damaged stuff!

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Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks Lee - keep going - keep trying things - digital is made to be played with - so play and enjoy!
lee batten (aka actionfinch)(non-registered)
Got to say it has given me confidence to get an editing program and not delete all my photos i take .
I have downloaded the neat image program.Just need the patientce to do
well done and keep up the great work.
Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks Bernard and we wish you a happy and healthy 2012 too! Glad this section has helped and or entertained!!
Bernard Diaz(non-registered)
Excellent section, many thanks. You clearly have patience, determination and a good eye - Happy new year to you both.
Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks Dennis happy new year to you too. Glad you've found some of my waffle useful! Yes I do rely on the 500 - its the best compromise for size, weight and manouverability - I often have the 1.4 extender on it too for that extra reach!
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