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Of all birds I should think the corncrake is a species most birders would like to catch up with .......

Pauline says ......... 'I think it was the thought of seeing and photographing a corncrake which first took me out to the Western Isles back in 1990........ I could tell quite a few very amusing tales about attempting to photograph this elusive species - well elusive as far as seeing them - hearing them is a different matter - their 'rack-rack' call must be one of the loudest and far carrying 'songs' in the bird world - probably only beaten by the 'booming' of bitterns!.........'

........'Water rails are another favourite of mine and another with a strange call - likened to someone murdering a pig - a dreadful blood-curdling squeal. But it was in the western isles where Brian the local bird recorder pointed out the water rails wonderful ethereal whispering little breeding song one dusk - the total opposite of its daylight 'battle-cry'!'..........
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3.Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks LOS and Davy Crockett: it was a big bird for our area in every sense!
2.Davy Crockett(non-registered)
LOS will use the GWE for the 2008 Annual Report, many thanks for allowing this Pauline
Excellent, love the Water rails very difficult to see at times never mind taking photographs as good as these
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