267.Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks guys for looking through, comments and encouragement - all appreciated!!
Really great work!
Hi Pauline,

Wonderful images from Scotland!
262.Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thank you David and Joan for looking and recent comments Pxx
WEB site still looking good, and the latest images are superb. Best wishes to you both. David
260.Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks Jeff - we got back from the 'Gorms' yesterday evening ... there now follows several days (weeks?!) sorting through images from this month up there. Hope to bump into you again somewhere!
259.Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks Cyril - its possibly made the best 'A Shot at Wildlife' presentation too (we do shows that follow the 'best of' formula each year!!
258.Jeff Lack(non-registered)
Hi Both,
Nice to Have met you briefly at Loch Garten the other week.
You Have a Great Body of Work...
Images 2012 album is really amazing :)
256.Pauline and Ian Wildlife Images
Thanks Brian - so glad everyone enjoyed it despite my equipment gremlins getting in on the act! There's also our Flickr page where shots are displayed well too https://www.flickr.com/photos/pmgi-wildlife-images/
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